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Undeveloped is owned by the Legendary Scott Day, but are there plans in the works?

There's no shortage of category-killer domains sitting parked. Names like are literally sitting on a goldmine, but it's not being tapped for it's SEO and Business potential.  At least not yet. is owned by none other than the Legenday Scott Day of - … [Read more...]

Twitter-Related Domain Names (AND Why We Love Them) which launched their website and Retweet button in August is on it's way to becoming a Killer site.  In it's first two months of being online with a new site, visits have climbed to well over 100,000 visitors a month according to  Owning a great name and launching a service … [Read more...]

Whatever happened to the 800 names Chris Bosh won?

Chris Bosh indicated after he won over 800 names from Luis Zavala in court that he would give the owners back the names free of charge, however, many of the names are expiring soon and many more have already deleted and become available for anyone to hand-register.  The photo above includes MMA … [Read more...]

“Business in Vancouver” Calls Kevin Ham Cyber-squatter, But Shares Other Interesting Tidbits about Dotcom Guru

It's not just people on the street who get it wrong, but often Media reporters who cover Domainers love to lump them in with Cybersquatters.  Just check out the opening to this recent story by Business in Vancouver which calls Kevin Ham "one of Vancouver's Most Famous Cybersquatters". Whether … [Read more...]

GreatDomains Auction one day left, Might be some Good Deals to be had

There are most certainly some good Domain Deals to be had all over the place - on the drop, deleting and available again, even at Auction. The GreatDomains auction has a little over a day left, and the prices haven't got too high on a lot of the good names. Not good news for the sellers if the … [Read more...]

Kevin Ham’s Had 1 Million+ Visitors in 2008, Dotinfo 4 Million+

Seasonal domains like don't see a spike in traffic until a certain time of year. Last year, (Parked) saw a SPIKE of over 1.3 million visitors. Now the Category-killer domain is developed and shows up on Page 1 of Google - can you imagine the online traffic it's … [Read more...]

NBC’s Style Editor Bobbie Thomas Redesigning Her Internet Image with Domain Name, New Site

Whether you're a celebrity or a business, you need to decide how you're going to build your internet presence. Bobbie Thomas has been working hard to improve her brand name - in September she purchased for $15,000 through Sedo and now she's working on redesigning her site for her … [Read more...]

Big Plans on Tap for another one of Kevin Ham’s Domains:

Kevin Ham has big plans for his category-killer domain name The Dotcom Mogul has been working on developing several of his category-killers. is now on Page 1 of Google, is getting ready for the Olympics, and his Gospel Media Network which includes names … [Read more...], Ron Sheridan’s Recent Purchase uses Survey to Help Develop Category-Killer Name

Ron Sheridan who made news recently after purchasing from Sedo for $125,000 has already launched an online survey to help find out from visitors what they would like to see from Responding to the survey is simple.  It's streamlined, so it's basic point and click and when you … [Read more...]

Eric Borgos who sold for $4 million shares his experience with domaining partnerships

Eric Borgos has been experimenting with different ideas, websites, and business models over the years including partnering with other individuals and organizations on his domain names.  In a recent story on his company's blog, Eric shares his experience with partnerships.  Although partnerships … [Read more...]