Who bought the Domain Name for $130,000 and is resurrecting Group Buying?

A flop during the nineties, Group Buying is back with a vengeance

HomeRun plans to be an exciting, fun website.  The concept of the website is Group Buying, which apparently many have tried and failed since the nineties.  But the owners of HomeRun have invested in their web site and in their brand, shelling out $131,200 for the domain

at Moniker.  While most won’t associate the idea of “group buying” with scoring a home run, the site is branding itself HomeRun.  The name actually ties in nicely with “scoring”.  In this case, when enough people buy, everyone gets the deal and they score by getting an unbeatable price.

The site is also tied in with social networking and allows you to connect through Facebook.  It also has a hip look-and-feel.

For businesses, HomeRun uses the domain where businesses can apply to market their offers.  HomeRun offers a guarantee to businesses since a minimum number of people must buy for the offer to be given at the unbeatable price.  

Group Buying Power is Back 
Other startups have gotten back into group-buying online. Another site called GroupOn which launched in 2009 has been getting a lot of press, and it appears the concept group buying power is back.  

The site’s traffic has gone from about 1,000 visitors per month in June 2009 to over 2 MILLION unique visitors in December 2009, according to Compete. This looks to be one helluva business model.

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