Twitter works incredibly hard to market ‘Promoted Tweets’, just not with a domain name

promoted tweets

‘Promoted Tweets’ cost companies as much as $100,000 through Twitter.  This week Twitter announced ‘Promoted Tweets’ would start showing up in user timelines of Twitter partners and in Google’s real-time search results.  

‘Promoted Tweets’ were launched in April 2010, and the very same day Twitter announced the service, the domain name was registered, and by the looks of things, not by Twitter.

Twitter is hoping to increase its profit with this service that continues to expand beyond search results.  As ‘incredibly-hardworking’ as the Twitter development team has worked to launch this idea (according to the Twitter blog), they constantly overlook domain names. is currently a parked page.

Much like #newtwitter and ‘top tweets’, two phrases widely publicized by the company, the company owns neither domain or apparently.

Maybe twitter will eventually go after these names (particulary, but according to recent twitter news, the company has no intention of getting ‘tweet’ domains back as long as the website isn’t confusing or damaging.