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Zynga ready to break ground with its biggest social game yet: Cityville (domain purchased for $38K in June ’10)


On June 23, 2010, the domain name sold for $38,225 at Moniker. 

I recently came across the domain when I wrote about Zynga last week and how the game company has been buying up and developing ville-domains like and – but at the time of the story, was parked and the name registered to Rob Holmes – founder & CEO of IPCybercrime whose company slogan is: ‘Your guys for undercover buys.”

TechCrunch broke the news Wednesday after Zynga issued a press release that Cityville would be launching soon and it would be the company’s most social game yet.  TechCrunch took a first look at the game and even provided some screen shots.

Here’s what Zynga had to say in their press release:

Zynga today announced the global launch of CityVille, a new social game allowing anyone anywhere to build their dream city from the ground up. Available in beta in the coming weeks, CityVille is debuting in five languages – marking the first international game launch for Zynga. CityVille is Zynga’s most social game to date with new features that allow players to build a city, interact with friends’ cities, and build franchises with the help of their friends. The game follows on the heels of the widely-successful launch of FrontierVille, which currently has 28 million monthly users. CityVille will be available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish on Facebook at

Now that Cityville is about to launch, what could be next for Zynga’s lineup of ‘ville’ games?

Not much is known about Zynga’s domain names other than the ones that have been developed. was the biggest sale of a ville domain in 2010.  In 2008, was the biggest ville domain sale for $5,000.

Currently, is parked and the registrant’s information is private.

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