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Next top ranking iOS game by Zynga, Hangman with Friends? Company registers

Hangman with Friends

It appears gaming giant Zynga may have plans to develop the next top game to run on products like the iPhone and iPad.  

The name of the game – Hangman with Friends, which would follow its wildly popular Words with Friends game that was voted the #1 favorite app by Wired Magazine in 2009 and played by millions. 

Hangman, would likely work along the same lines as Words with Friends, the Scrabble-like word game that you can play with friends, but instead of Scrabble, players would compete by guessing a word or phrase one letter at a time.

The company registered the domain name this week at GoDaddy according to Whois records.   Though the registrant information is hidden behind GoDaddy’s Private Registration service (Domains by Proxy), registrant information isn’t so private after all for customers paying for the service — as tweeted by Domain Name news in a recent Twitter message.  The same issue plagues many companies, not just GoDaddy.

GoDaddy’s account retrieval system currently displays a Zynga e-mail address (Email Address:**** 

Games with Friends

Newtoy, which was one of many companies acquired by Zynga, originally developed Words with Friends and Chess with Friends.  In October 2010, Words with Friends reached 10 million downloads on the App store.

Zynga looks to be expanding its Games with Friends brands.  In April, the company filed for a trademark on “With Friends” according to Trademarkia.

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