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eBay Software Foundation? Auction site buys eBay Software Foundation domains

It appears eBay is making plans to launch their own software foundation.  On September 28, 2011, eBay Inc. registered over half a dozen domain names related to: eBay Software Foundation. The list of names includes:,, … [Read more...]

AOL teases mqVibe launch: Something cool is coming to your neighborhood

I have written about AOL's rumored plans to launch a neighborhood social networking service using MapQuest called "nVibe" and "mqVibe" in the last two weeks, after I found that AOL had filed a number of related trademarks and registered domains around the terms ‘NVibe’ and ‘Neighborhood Vibe’, as … [Read more...]

Amazon goes on a massive buying spree, buys over 500 Kindle Fire & Silk domains

The announcement of the all-new Kindle Fire and Silk browser set to be released on November 15, 2011, has ignited a massive domain name buying spree by Amazon.  On the very same day Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire, the company registered well over 500 domain names related to the Kindle Fire and … [Read more...]

HTC trademarks hint at incentive, reward programs for software developers

It appears that HTC is launching an honors program intended to recognize excellence in the field of technology software development and provide incentive awards in order to promote the development of computer software and applications.  The program names are "HTC Honors" and "HTC Top Honors" … [Read more...]

Google registers several new domain names like

Google has purchased several new domain names through the brand protection company MarkMonitor for possible future projects. The purchases include names like and, all registered on September 26, 2011. Here's the list of new domains purchased in the past … [Read more...]

Google wants to ‘Get your folks online’ too, not just businesses

Google recently unveiled its program to help get Virginia businesses online, in an easy, free, and fast way with no catch and no cost.  It did something similar in Texas back in July after registering a number of 'Get Online' domains in June that covered all fifty states. If all goes according to … [Read more...]

Google reveals it got via secret intermediary, launch imminent?

Google officially launched its Chrome OS laptops called Chromebooks on June 15, but there is still no official release date for its desktop version of the Chrome OS called Chromebox announced back in May.  Though Google did acquire several related domain names around Chromebook and Chromebox around … [Read more...]

Nintendo gains rights to, more than 25 years after game’s release

It's hard to believe it's been over 25 years since Nintendo released Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.  In 2010, Super Mario Bros. celebrated its 25th anniversary.  But in all these years, Nintendo hasn't owned the matching domain to one of the most beloved games of all time.  That's changed for … [Read more...]

PopCap planning to launch casino-style social games on Lucky Gem Casino

A little over over a week ago, I wrote about PopCap Games registering over two dozen new domain names of many of its existing games.  The names included the words: casino, slots, and poker, such as and  Included in the bunch was, which now … [Read more...] to re-direct to official MW3 web site, any day now

It's good news for all the fans of the Call of Duty franchise.  The domain name has transferred over to Activision's domain server that hosts other names like, which likely means only one thing: will finally resolve to the official MW3 website … [Read more...]