Google wins dispute over YouTube typo domains, names ordered transferred

In a no-brainer, a single-member Panel with the National Arbitration Forum has ordered several YouTube typo domain names be transferred to Google. The domain names disputed in the case were:,,,, and The respondent, who filed no response … [Read more...]

Panel denies Salesforce the name in domain dispute

After filing a complaint (Case No. 1416951) with the National Arbitration Forum last month against Internet Venture Holdings (IVH) over, has been denied the domain name. Not surprisingly, the panel found that <> was not identical or confusingly similar to … [Read more...] cyber squatter throws away $22K, domain now belongs to LinkedIn

Back in December, LinkedIn filed a complaint (Case No. 1417534) with the National Arbitration Forum over the typo domain (missing an ‘e’).  The web address redirected consumers to an online scam that asked a handful of questions and attempted to gather personal information by … [Read more...]

eCommerce giant markafoni first company to file .XXX domain dispute

The Turkish private shopping club markafoni has become the first company to file a .XXX domain dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) over the domain  According to WIPO, the case commenced on December 29. WIPO Case Number (D2011-2298) was filed by … [Read more...]

Actress Rose McGowan wants her name, files dispute for

Actress and singer Rose McGowan has apparently filed a complaint (Case Number: 1419570) over the domain name with the National Arbitration Forum. First registered over ten years ago, today, is parked with HITFARM (part of the Reinvent Media Group), an … [Read more...]

LinkedIn files dispute over typosquatting domain that sold for $22K

There have been a lot of disputes filed recently over typosquatting domain names that mislead consumers.  LinkedIn is now the latest company to file a complaint (Case No. 1417534) with the National Arbitration Forum over a popular typo domain - (missing the 'e'). What makes this case … [Read more...] attempts to hijack by filing domain dispute

Earlier this month, filed a complaint (Case No. 1416951) with the National Arbitration Forum against Internet Venture Holdings (IVH) over the domain While complainants in disputes filed with the National Arbitration Forum aren't revealed until a panel delivers a … [Read more...]

Google going after YouTube typo domains that lead to survey scams

Google is going after several popular typos of the web address, all owned by the same person.  Each typo domain leads unsuspecting users to a site that looks confusingly similar to the official YouTube site (as shown in the picture above of - minus the 'e').  Instead of … [Read more...]

Lady Gaga wants the domain name rights to, files complaint

Pop singer-songwriter Lady Gaga who topped Forbes' annual Celebrity 100 list as the most powerful celebrity is going to battle over the web address, according to a recent complaint filed with the National Arbitration Forum. Not only has Lady Gaga mastered the music scene, but … [Read more...]

Activision files complaint over, posted online

Breaking update July 19, 2011 04:57 AM EST:  The identity of has now been revealed. ** Activision has had enough with The gaming company has filed its first domain name dispute with the National Arbitration Forum. The complaint was filed today, July 15, a … [Read more...]