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Media giant Hearst Corporation acquires domain for $100,000

hearst tower

The news broke earlier this week on that the domain name sold for a whopping $100,000.  But until now, the new owners had remained a mystery. 

Earlier the registrant records switched from Sedo over to Hearst Corporation, one of the nation’s largest diversified media companies that owns 15 daily and 38 weekly newspapers, nearly 200 magazines around the world, 29 television stations, and has ownership in leading cable networks such as ESPN.

Now that the name has traded owners, what are the plans for the domain name:

At the time of this story, is nothing more than a parked page at MelbourneIT.  But if you dig a little deeper, for example search trademarks on the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you’ll find that Hearst filed for the “LITTLE ANGELS” trademark back on July 26, 2010.

According to the filing, Little Angels will serve up: ‘Digital media, namely DVDs, videos and CDs featuring children’s audio visual programing and music; computer applications for mobile phones, namely downloadable children’s audio visual programing and music; sound recordings.’

‘Angels’ Domain Names

On a somewhat related note, isn’t the only big sale of an ‘angels’ domain in 2010.  Earlier this year, was acquired for $200,000 by the MLB for its the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim web site.  The price tag put the sale in 37th place among the Top 100 sales of 2010, according to the current rankings at DN Journal.

While the DN Journal rankings don’t include yet, the sale price will rank it somewhere among the top 60 sales, tied with,, and other domain names that sold for $100,000.


Still Working on Updating the Fusible Web Site

Last month we switched from a custom-built web site to WordPress, a much needed makeover.  The move to WordPress gives us access to hundreds of thousands of plug-ins and tools and gives us the flexibility to make changes without paying  for development costs to perform routine maintenance or upgrades.

This is a progressive task, that should take another few weeks as we manually upload hundreds of stories to the new platform here on WordPress. 

Everything will return to normal, including our coverage of the Domain Industry, once we have finished.

When we’re short on time, it’s challenging to get stories posted, so if you have ideas, send all your Domain Story tips to webmaster at fusible dot com or submit your story tip here.


Fusible gets a facelift with WordPress

Fusible website
Old Fusible website (pictured) gets makeover

The website has been re-launched as a WordPress blog.  For regular readers of the Fusible blog, you may have been a little surprised in the last few days that the look and feel of the website has changed. 

After blogging on for nearly a year, we decided to shutdown our custom-built website, in favor of WordPress. 

Got the Push to Change, after being hacked

Our website had been hacked, and we had taken the site down earlier in the week to address the issue.  But even after remedying the issue, the site got hacked again, making it difficult to get anything done. 

While WordPress is a favorite of Hackers, protecting a custom-built site was becoming more costly. 
And essentially, we were having to custom-build enhancements – that were offered as free plug-ins by WordPress developers.

We got the push we needed this week to finally change platforms.  The new website will have the old content from our blog, but putting up all the stories will take some time (most likely a few weeks).   We’ll be focusing on re-designing the site for domain industry news, rather than a cluttered company site that prominently featuring our web properties, projects, and domain holdings – instead of news stories.

Nothing has changed, just the look and feel

New Fusible site
The new version of Fusible is delivered through WordPress

For readers interested in the WordPress theme we’re using for our facelift, it’s a Premium Theme from Solostream.  

The new version of our site will be much cleaner, much easier to navigate, and much easier for us to improve and maintain.  We’re gonna get dinged in the Search Engines, but long term, WordPress is the best solution, especially when writing was the main focus of the old website.


Blogging about Domain Names: Landing Big Sponsor National A-1 Advertising on

National A-1

While our aim is to make money developing and selling domain names, we also have a lot of interest in blogging about the industry and our own experience as domainers. 

We’re still figuring out the whole domaining thing – but we’re enjoying it. While we don’t make money full time with domain names, we spend a lot of our free time blogging about them, typically about topics that interest us as we learn more and more on how to improve the way we do things.

This week, we landed a big advertiser on our website:  National A-1 Advertising, one of the most talked-about and most exciting domain companies — who own some of the best properties on the web like,,, and literally thousands more of the same top caliber.

National A-1 is in a rare class of Domain-related companies who certainly bring buzz and attention to the industry. 

It’s a very generous sponsorship and we are grateful for it. 

And a BIG THANKS goes to Francois for his fantastic platform ( that allows domainers to reach out to the masses.

If you have a premium name – not just a great name – for sale, National A-1 offers top dollar.


Rebranding effort of our Domain site from to is complete

little devilThe rebranding of Little Devil Media into is complete.  There was no major updates to the old Little Devil Media design, except the logo, web address, and name. 

Now we can have a stronger focus on our domain brand long-term.

Because Little Devil Media isn’t the best brand to use to launch new ventures like, we used – a name we acquired a couple years ago.  Throughout our network of sites we still have more changes to make, but we worked overnight to complete the rebranding effort. 

Our twitter account was also rebranded to @FusibleNetwork.  The domain re-directs here.

What got us thinking?

When Rick Latona announced he was considering rebranding all of his companies under, he created quite a stir – but it also made us aware that we needed to change our brand.  The discussion has reached over 80 comments, from readers to veteran domainers.

Thanks to for updating our feed and logo.