Sony Pictures registers a slew of ‘Console War’ movie domain names

The next generation of console wars between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft is set to begin as all three manufacturers are due to release a new console in the near future.  Nintendo plans to release the Wii U in 2012, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 are expected in 2013.  Adding to the "war of … [Read more...]

Sony Pictures looks to have acquired rights to Turok film according to domains

Back in March, Deadline reported Sony Pictures closed a deal to acquire Bloodshot, the Valiant Comics series. Now it looks Sony Pictures has landed another deal for a comic book character that once appeared in Valiant Comics: Turok. On May 3, 2012, Sony Pictures registered domain names hinting at … [Read more...]

Underworld 5 to be called Underworld: Battle? Sony Pictures registers domain

Though no official word is yet available on Underworld 5, it's pretty certain the next film is in the works given the success of Underworld: Awakening which has been the highest-grossing film in the series so far. While it's purely speculation, it appears the next film could be called Underworld: … [Read more...]

Sony working on ‘Van Helsing and Dracula’ movie according to domains

Sony Pictures appears to be working on a new film based on Bram Stoker's Dracula novel called "Van Helsing and Dracula" or "Dracula and Van Helsing". This week, Sony Pictures registered a slew of domain names through the brand protection company MarkMonitor that revealed the movie's … [Read more...]

Top 10 Stories of 2011: #9 Sony confirms next James Bond title will be Skyfall

Number 9 in this year's Top 10 stories is the story of the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall, which will land in theaters in November 2012. On October 3, more than a dozen domain names having to do with Skyfall were registered.  Though privately registered initially using DNStination Inc., what … [Read more...]

Sony Pictures registers ‘Bring Them to Justice Game’ domain names

Sony Pictures has tipped its hand on a forthcoming game called "Bring Them to Justice", after registering several domain names on December 22, like (Whois). All the domains were registered through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. The game, which … [Read more...]

Following Sony Pictures, Ubisoft gets its own domain for Assassin’s Creed movie

Back in October, shortly after Variety broke the news that Sony Pictures was in the final negotiations with Ubisoft for an Assassin's Creed film, I wrote about Sony Pictures registering more than a dozen related domains like and There still is no … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed movie a done deal, according to Sony Pictures’ domains

Several tech blogs and news site have been buzzing for the last 24 hours since Variety broke the news that Sony Pictures was in the final negotations to develop a film franchise based on Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" videogame series. While the deal hasn't been officially confirmed by Sony or … [Read more...]

Sony Pictures to produce John Burdett crime novels? 29 domains registered

It looks as if Sony Pictures has struck a deal with British crime novelist John Burdett to produce as many as four films including Bangkok Tattoo, Bangkok Haunts, The Godfather of Kathmandu, and his next novel set to be released in 2012 in the UK, Vulture Peak. Sony Pictures registered nearly … [Read more...]

Film on Apple’s co-founder will be titled Steve Jobs, according to registrations

Sony Pictures recently acquired the rights to the biography on Apple's late co-founder and chairman simply titled "Steve Jobs", by Walter Isaacson. Originally called iSteve: the Book Of Jobs, Isaacson eventually persuaded his publisher Simon & Schuster to change the book title. It now … [Read more...]