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Underworld 5 to be called Underworld: Battle? Sony Pictures registers domain

Underworld Battle

Though no official word is yet available on Underworld 5, it’s pretty certain the next film is in the works given the success of Underworld: Awakening which has been the highest-grossing film in the series so far.

While it’s purely speculation, it appears the next film could be called Underworld: Battle, according to a new domain name registration this week by Sony Pictures.

On April 24, 2012, Sony Pictures registered (Whois).

At the time of this post, Sony Pictures has not made an announcement about Underworld: Battle, but the domain does redirect visitors to the Sony Pictures home video page for Underworld: Awakening, which is set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 8th.

While Underworld 5 would be no surprise, it looks more likely that is part of Sony Pictures’ online marketing campaign for the release of Underworld: Awakening on home video, and less likely the title of the fifth film in the series.

The name could also hint at a new video game, as well.

At this point, we’ll just have to wait and see if Sony Pictures announces anything official.

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Sony working on ‘Van Helsing and Dracula’ movie according to domains


Sony Pictures appears to be working on a new film based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel called “Van Helsing and Dracula” or “Dracula and Van Helsing”.

This week, Sony Pictures registered a slew of domain names through the brand protection company MarkMonitor that revealed the movie’s possible titles. 

At least eight domains were purchased, all on January 17, 2012. 

Here’s a look at the registrations: 

Last June, Pajiba reported that Universal Pictures was developing another Van Helsing movie based on the Bram Stoker character.    

At the time of this post, Sony Pictures has not made an official announcement, nor do any of the domains resolve to a web page.

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(Image of Gary Oldman as Count Dracula via Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

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Top 10 Stories of 2011: #9 Sony confirms next James Bond title will be Skyfall


Number 9 in this year’s Top 10 stories is the story of the upcoming James Bond film Skyfall, which will land in theaters in November 2012.

On October 3, more than a dozen domain names having to do with Skyfall were registered. 

Though privately registered initially using DNStination Inc., what made these names special was that they were all registered through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor, which is used by more than half the Fortune 100. 

The list of registrations, which today now show Sony Pictures as the owner in WHOIS records, included names like and 

Simply referred to as ‘Bond 23’ at the time, shortly after I published my story speculating the next Bond film would be called Skyfall, well over a dozen news sites mentioned my article including Access Hollywood, IGN, The Hollywood Reporter, and X17, to name a few.

On November 3, Sony officially confirmed the title as Skyfall.

Here’s a look at the full press conference, marking the start of the production.


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Following Sony Pictures, Ubisoft gets its own domain for Assassin’s Creed movie

Assassin's Creed the movie

Back in October, shortly after Variety broke the news that Sony Pictures was in the final negotiations with Ubisoft for an Assassin’s Creed film, I wrote about Sony Pictures registering more than a dozen related domains like and

There still is no official website for the film, which could be released as early as 2014, but now Ubisoft has secured ownership of the web address:

The domain name exchanged hands earlier this week, after Ubisoft contacted the previous owner by e-mail and informed them that they had rights to the name.

Wanting to avoid legal troubles, the owner (whom I spoke with by e-mail) quickly transferred the domain to Ubisoft, saving Ubisoft the hassle of filing a domain dispute.

To date Ubisoft has filed only one complaint over a domain. 

In 2010, it won a case (Claim Number: FA0912001298869) for, after filing a dispute with the National Arbitration Forum.

Also this past week, Ubisoft Entertainment filed three separate trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Serial Number: 85482572, Serial Number: 85482583 and Serial Number: 85482580.

Here’s a quick look at the goods and services covered in the trademark filings.

“Entertainment services, namely, continuing television programs and interactive television programs featuring comedy, drama, live-action, and animation, broadcast over television, satellite, audio, and video media; presentation of live stage show performances, presentation of live show performances by costumed characters, and presentation of live theatrical performances; production and distribution of motion pictures”

“Audio and video recordings featuring live-action entertainment; audio and visual recordings featuring live-action entertainment; Pre-recorded DVDs, digital versatile discs and digital video discs featuring live-action entertainment”

“printed matter, namely books featuring works of fiction; printed matter, namely comics featuring works of fiction”

As of the time of this story going online, doesn’t resolve to a website.

(Photo of the short YouTube movie Assassin’s Creed: Lineage via Ubisoft)

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Assassin’s Creed movie a done deal, according to Sony Pictures’ domains

Assassin's Creed Movie

Several tech blogs and news site have been buzzing for the last 24 hours since Variety broke the news that Sony Pictures was in the final negotations to develop a film franchise based on Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” videogame series.

While the deal hasn’t been officially confirmed by Sony or Ubisoft, that didn’t stop Sony Pictures from registering over a dozen “Assassin’s Creed” movie domain names such as

All of the domain names were registered on October 20, a day before the Variety story was published.

Here’s a look at the full list of domain names:

Although the domains were registered before either company has even announced a partnership, Sony Pictures must have been pretty confident that the deal was certain. 

That, or the deal was already done.

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