Owners of domain names seized by ICE, using Twitter to communicate with users

TechCrunch is reporting that many of the owners of the domain names seized by Homeland Security earlier this week because of copyright infringement are now moving their web sites to alternate domain names.  And the owners are using Twitter to get the word out about the "move". Some have already … [Read more...]

Recent sales of Facebook, iPhone, and Twitter domain names

Since its launch Flippa has been a goldmine for domain and web site owners who quickly flip for cash.  Although there are a large number of people selling legit properties, there are others who sell questionable sites and domain names.  And while not every listing is necessarily a violation, … [Read more...]

Twitter domain names and websites see strong sales on Flippa

Flippa, a marketplace for selling websites and domain names, is helping owners of Twitter-related domain names and websites see strong sales.  Flippa sellers have access to a huge crowd of buyers.  In October 2010, traffic to Flippa was nearly 250,000 unique visitors according to Compete.  For … [Read more...]

Twiter.com shows the power of Typos with +132% Yearly Change in Traffic

Are there problems with typo domains?  With many, yes, especially if they were registered in bad faith. But "typo" doesn't always equal bad faith.  And Twiter.com is an example of one such domain name.  At least, in its beginnings.  The typo domain which has been written about many times in … [Read more...]

Twitter domain news: TweetLater.com changing its name to SocialOomph.com

TweetLater, the popular third-party application Twitter tool which gets over 200,000 visitors per month, has decided to rebrand themselves by changing their domain name.  Although Twitter encourages the use of the word 'Tweet' (as long as their users are protected), TweetLater has decided to go … [Read more...]