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Never-Before Released .ME Domains at Auction:,,, (more)

The .ME registry held back several premium .ME names and every once in awhile, dozens of the premium names go up for auction.  .ME domains are not for everyone, but they definitely have social appeal and make easy domain hacks since the character extensions can be used to create a phrase like: … [Read more...]

Who bought the Domain Name for $130,000 and is resurrecting Group Buying?

HomeRun plans to be an exciting, fun website.  The concept of the website is Group Buying, which apparently many have tried and failed since the nineties.  But the owners of HomeRun have invested in their web site and in their brand, shelling out $131,200 for the domain at … [Read more...]

Coincidence? Shortly After our Story on, Flickr Founders Launch Site, TechCrunch Runs Story

The massively-multiplayer game "Glitch", which is playable in the browser and built in the spirit of the web according to the website has launched their official website announcing the soon-to-launch game which will be in Private alpha shortly.   Though it's most likely one heck of a coincidence, … [Read more...]

Minisites using WordPress by the BIGGEST in the Industry: Domain Development Corp; Boys &

Most everyone in the Domain Industry has heard of Domain Development Corp. The secretive Domain Development company that struck a Partnership with Yahoo Sponsored Search ads for BOSS.  Despite their skyrocketing popularity and their work with Yahoo!, they're still making web sites for their … [Read more...]

Who Paid $19,000 for the Domain: The Founders of Flickr who resigned. Interesting site (Sorta)

Back in June 2008, the co-founders of Flickr, husband and wife team Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, resigned from the company.  And by the looks of things, they've been staying busy ever since, working on several projects like and a secretive project called: Tiny Speck.  TechCrunch … [Read more...]

Your Sold Domains. Where are they now? Check out the Stats of Eric Borgos,, More

Many of us hope to develop our best domains, but when an irresistible deal comes along, the odds are you might just sell the name you had big plans for.  Have you ever wondered what really happens to these domains?  In the case of Eric Borgos, one of our favorite domainers we enjoy covering who has … [Read more...]

National A-1 Relaunches Category-Killer Domain Name, with Fresh New Look

National A-1, owners of some of the best domain names in the world, have given a fresh new look.  The site now offers pizza news, pizza games, pizza coupons, supplies, and listings.  There are even pizza fun facts like, "Domino's Pizza is the world leader in delivery." If you remember … [Read more...]

Blizzard knows domains;,,, many more

Blizzard Entertainment, the makers of some of the most popular computer games of all-time, ranging from World of Warcraft to Diablo, not only focus on creating amazing entertainment experiences, but they also focus on using generic keyword domain names for their company and several of their … [Read more...]

National A-1 Advertising Officially Launches BETA Site for Category-Killer

National A-1 has unveiled the BETA version of - the premier resource to find, buy, sell, and collect antiques of all kinds.  While the site launch was originally planned for November 2009, it's now online and to an Antiques enthusiast, the new site looks amazing and has a number of … [Read more...]

GOLF Domain Name Sales are ON FIRE, sells for $50,000; Just How Popular are Golf Names?

Golf-related domain names are Hot Tickets, especially on Sedo. recently sold for $50,000 - a name that was orginally registered in 1996 and sat parked on GoDaddy for the last 5 years before selling through Sedo's Marketplace. The new owner looks to be based in South Korea.  The … [Read more...]