Facemash.com sells for $30,201 at public auction on Flippa


As reported in early October, Facemash.com the domain name once owned by Mark Zuckerberg was put up for auction by its owner with a minimum starting bid of $8,000.  The domain name has been sold at public auction on Flippa for $30,201, a hefty profit for the owner who purchased the domain for just $799 in 2009.

At the time of this post, Facemash.com re-directs to FinancialEducation.com, a domain name that is currently parked at Sedo.

FaceSmash.com, the incorrect spelling of Mark Zuckerberg’s “Face Mash” was put up for auction by its owner, too.  The owner tried capitalizing on the buzz surrounding “The Social Network” movie as well, but didn’t fare too well at eBay auction

The winning bid pulled in just over $200.