News Soft Launches Record-Priced $1 Million Domain Name:, one of the leading groups for online gaming marketing, has soft launched  

After months of development, finally makes a public appearance, albeit with a soft launch in order to sort out any turbulence on the path to a real launch. 

All members of sister site have been transferred automatically to Have no fear – all deals on are matched or even topped. As a member of a bigger and more ambitious site, we promise you even better promotions and offers in the near future. 

As a member of the Poker Club – which is what we call the community – you have access to your own player account where you can create poker teams, add friends, post blogs, view your posted hands and much more. 

Full details of the “soft launch” available on the web site.  

The domain name was sold by National A-1 for $1 million in February 2010.  

According to Ron Jackson of DN Journal, the $1MM price tag is currently the highest price ever reported for a .org domain.  In a story that appeared on DN Journal shortly after the transaction, Markus Sonermo – the CEO of – revealed he also paid the second highest price ever for a .org domain with, which he purchased in 2007 for $298,000.

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