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Two-letter .com domain receives $100,000 bid on Flippa in no-reserve auction

A couple weeks ago, domain blogger Mike Berkens over at The Domains wrote about the auction of the two-letter .com domain at Flippa, after the owner issued a press release announcing the sale.  The auction followed the buzz created by news of Facebook purchasing the domain for $8.5 … [Read more...]

Threats by Zynga backfire as thousands line up online to play Blingville on Facebook

Recently, it came to light over at TechDirt, a technology news blog, that Zynga sent a cease & desist letter to Blingville LLC, the West Virginia company that runs Blingville, an up and coming Facebook game that is currently in Beta testing. Zynga's threats against the company, which resulted … [Read more...]

Top domain sale of 2011 blown out of the water by sale of for $270,000

It wasn't like the sale of was expected to stay at the top of DNJournal's year-to-date domain sales charts at $100,000., which sold at AfternicDLS for $100,000 in early January has now been blown out of the water by the sale of over at GreatDomains for … [Read more...]

Former OASIS star Noel Gallagher wines and dines owner of (who demanded small fortune for domain)

The Sun has an interesting story published today about musician Noel Gallagher who split from the English band OASIS.  The artist who has become a solo artist, decided it was time to get with the times, and get online.  According to the Sun, the domain name, was registered over … [Read more...]

Unbelievable: Six-figure domain name expires at Network Solutions, going up for auction

It appears the owner of, a domain name which appraises for $136,000 at, has neglected to renew it.  The domain expired at Network Solutions on January 18, 2011, and is now pending renewal or deletion. is being made available at NameJet, the aftermarket … [Read more...]

Aron Meystedt’s gets another new look and feel

Aron Meystedt's web site has received another small makeover in recent days.  The internet site still has a blog section, but now when you type the URL into your address bar, you'll be presented with a redesigned home page with affiliate advertising from the affiliate … [Read more...]

Nearly a month after acquiring domain name, Microsoft starts redirecting to Xbox web page

Earlier this month, I was the first to report that Microsoft acquired the domain name for its controller-free add-on for the Xbox.  However, if you typed the URL,, into your browser's address bar in the past 30 or so days, you were taken to Bing's search engine results … [Read more...]

Writers, Cartoonist, Graphic Designer: The “TechCrunch Of Sci-Fi” is hiring

Patrick Ruddell, aka Chef Patrick in domain circles, who soft launched the fledgling blog just over a month ago, is hiring for a number of work-from-home positions.  Creative writers, with vast knowledge of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  A graphic designer to do design work … [Read more...]

Flippa releases its 2010 Year in Review

Some are skeptical about the sales numbers and auctions over at Flippa, but even the most doubtful have to be impressed with the site's success in 2010.  Despite a number of failed auctions reported as "Won" like Fiverr clone, Flippa has some pretty good stats to show for the past 12 … [Read more...]

Best sales year possible for domains in 2011? Another big gambling domain goes up for sale

2011 could be the year gambling domain names hit the mega millions jackpot with properties like already up for sale, which some expect could fetch as much as $20 million (its previous sale price back in 2005).  What looked like a good year in 2010 with the sale of  for $5.5 … [Read more...]