Google goes after YouTube typo domains that it didn’t win in a previous dispute

Google has been going after popular typos of the web address in recent months and it's been having its share of success in disputes, winning five typo domain names in early January and several more later that month in another case that also involved Google typo domains. However, in a … [Read more...]

Virgin mogul Richard Branson wins disputed dot-XXX domain name

Business magnate Richard Branson filed a complaint (Case Number: 1423689) over the domain name with the National Arbitration Forum in January. Now a single-member panel has ordered the name transferred to Richard Branson, having established all three elements required under the … [Read more...]

Baylor University files a complaint over BaylorGirls XXX domain name

Several colleges bought up .XXX domain names last year like as a defensive measure to prevent others from registering the names and possibly setting up porn sites.   Now Baylor University, a school that has filed and won dozens of domain disputes over names like and … [Read more...] domain name ordered transferred to Rose McGowan

Actress Rose McGowan filed a complaint (Case Number: 1419570) over the domain name <> with the National Arbitration Forum back in December 2011. Now a three-member panel has ordered the name transferred to Rose McGowan, after finding the domain identical to the common law … [Read more...]

Academy Award nominated actor Ryan O’Neal wins domain

A single-member panel with the National Arbitration Forum has ordered the domain name be transferred to Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominated actor Ryan O'Neal. Ryan O'Neal was represented by Howard H. Weller of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP,  who filed the dispute … [Read more...]

Google wins dispute over YouTube typo domains, names ordered transferred

In a no-brainer, a single-member Panel with the National Arbitration Forum has ordered several YouTube typo domain names be transferred to Google. The domain names disputed in the case were:,,,, and The respondent, who filed no response … [Read more...]

MGM Resorts going after typo domains following reversal of online poker policy

According to reports, Nevada may become the first state in the U.S. to offer online gambling, this, following the Department of Justice's policy reversal on the Wire Act. Now MGM Resorts International, the Nevada based corporation that owns and operates over a dozen gaming properties in Nevada, … [Read more...]

Actress Rose McGowan wants her name, files dispute for

Actress and singer Rose McGowan has apparently filed a complaint (Case Number: 1419570) over the domain name with the National Arbitration Forum. First registered over ten years ago, today, is parked with HITFARM (part of the Reinvent Media Group), an … [Read more...]

Following Sony Pictures, Ubisoft gets its own domain for Assassin’s Creed movie

Back in October, shortly after Variety broke the news that Sony Pictures was in the final negotiations with Ubisoft for an Assassin's Creed film, I wrote about Sony Pictures registering more than a dozen related domains like and There still is no … [Read more...]