Amazon registers the domain name [UPDATED]

For future projects or just as part of its intellectual property strategy to defend its various brands, Amazon registers new domain names all the time. So, it's anyones guess as to what's behind each purchase. On October 6, Amazon registered the domain name through … [Read more...]

New service for Amazon’s cloud about to be directly exposed: DynamoDB

It looks like Amazon Web Services (AWS) will make available a feature called "DynamoDB", a service that has already been powering parts of AWS for years, but has never been directly exposed. While the company hasn't made any official announcement, the company registered the domain names … [Read more...]

Amazon domain registrations hint at Kindle Fire 3G becoming reality

When it comes to the Kindle Fire offering more than just Wi-Fi, it's really not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Last week, I wrote about Amazon registering over 500 Kindle Fire and Silk related domain names, including This week, Amazon's legal department has … [Read more...]