Busy month for Apple in domains, files dispute over AppleiPods.com and more

Apple has had a busy month in domain names, between winning a dispute over iPods.com and revealing itself as the owner of ApplePico.com, the company has continued its activities filing 12 more disputes over different domains including AppleiPods.com with the World Intellectual Property Organization, … [Read more...]

Apple got ApplePico.com and 18 other names like iPodTouch.com at same time

There is all sorts of speculation about what ApplePico.com will be after MacRumors noticed Apple Inc. made an update to the domain.  The update to the domain name involved Apple removing the Whois privacy, thus revealing to the public that it owned the name. Apple Pico rumors have ranged from … [Read more...]

Apple personal video recorder? PVRApple.com emerges from privacy

Since at least 2007, the domain name PVRApple.com has remained hidden behind Whois privacy through DNStination, Inc. That all changed on July 29, 2011, when the registrant information switched to Apple Inc. For years people have talked about an Apple PVR (personal video recorder) that offers … [Read more...]

Apple wins dispute over iPods.com, domain name ordered transferred

Updated August 1, 2011:  The full administrative panel decision has been posted online. ** WIPO Panelist David Cairns has ruled in favor of Apple in a dispute over the domain name ipods.com. Apple filed the complaint at the end of May with the World Intellectual Property … [Read more...]

Apple acquires ‘leaked’ iPhone4.com domain name, still missing others

Apple has officially acquired the domain name iPhone4.com, the fourth generation of its iPhone that was released in 2010. The iPhone 4 has been one of Apple's more controversial devices, after technology news site Gizmodo obtained a prototype of the smartphone before its release. The Whois … [Read more...]

Apples tries to beat others to domain registrations during WWDC 2011

There have been several announcements at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, taking place June 6 - 10 in San Francisco.  There have also been several new domain name registrations before and during the conference by Apple in line with the launch of the company's new … [Read more...]

Tablets.com to provide reviews, buying advice, news and more for tablet enthusiasts

It's been only a month since Aron Meystedt of XF.com acquired the category-killer domain name Tablets.com.  So what's in store for one of the hottest gadgets and domain names on the market? Bill Kara of Hallpass Media whose casual game network receives over 3.5 million visitors monthly, … [Read more...]