3D domains becoming a hot trend: Have you started buying?

3D games

Mike Berkens has wrote about it.  Stephen Douglas has wrote about it.  Combined, the number of comments for both stories has reached nearly 1,000.  I even wrote about it this week in a story headlined: 3D.com delivers an amazing pitch for its domain name, after reading Stephen Douglas' story and … [Read more...]

Group buying is hot, just not the domain name: Groupbuying.com

group buying

Back in mid October I wrote about GroupBuying.com up for auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C Miami with a reserve range of $100,000+ .  Although group buying is one of the hottest industries right now, the domain name didn't sell at auction.  As I also mentioned in the story - if one thing is certain, it’s … [Read more...]

Media giant Hearst Corporation acquires domain LittleAngels.com for $100,000

hearst tower

The news broke earlier this week on GreatDomains.com that the domain name LittleAngels.com sold for a whopping $100,000.  But until now, the new owners had remained a mystery.  Earlier the registrant records switched from Sedo over to Hearst Corporation, one of the nation's largest diversified … [Read more...]

Calvin Ayre: ‘Slots.com purchase is one of the best deals I’ve ever made’

calvin ayre

Billionaires have been known to blog, but it's quite rare that billionaires blog as often as Calvin Ayre who averages about 3 to 4 stories per month on his online gambling news site at CalvinAyre.com.  What's even more rare, is for billionaires to blog about domain names.  But that's just what … [Read more...]

FamilyTree.net domain name sells for $11,000 – Familytree domains have been selling in 2010

family tree

This is still not officially confirmed, but it looks like the new owners of FamilyTree.net are the same owners of FamilyTree.com.  At the time of this story, the name has changed registrants and currently re-directs to FamilyTree.com.  Network Media owns FamilyTree.com.  The company represents … [Read more...]

3D.com delivers an amazing pitch for its domain name


Back in July, Mike Berkens of The Domains wrote a story entitled The Next BIG Thing Is 3D: Who Owns Best Domains? The story examined who owned some of the best 3D domain names (which suprisingly isn't any of the heavyhitters you might expect like Kevin Ham or Rick Schwartz).  In his article, Mike … [Read more...]

Recent sales of Facebook, iPhone, and Twitter domain names

twitter facebook

Since its launch Flippa has been a goldmine for domain and web site owners who quickly flip for cash.  Although there are a large number of people selling legit properties, there are others who sell questionable sites and domain names.  And while not every listing is necessarily a violation, … [Read more...]

Tiny Speck continues private alpha testing of Glitch.com (for at least four more months)


I broke the story this past February about the domain name Glitch.com being purchased by the co-founders of Flickr.  Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake had resigned from the company to launch Tiny Speck.   If you're not familiar with Tiny Speck, the company was founded in early 2009 by four of … [Read more...]

Zynga ready to break ground with its biggest social game yet: Cityville (domain purchased for $38K in June ’10)


On June 23, 2010, the domain name Cityville.com sold for $38,225 at Moniker.  I recently came across the domain when I wrote about Zynga last week and how the game company has been buying up and developing ville-domains like Farmville.com and Petville.com - but at the time of the story, … [Read more...]

Flippa breaks its previous auction sales record – s9.com sells for $400K

s9 biographical dictionary

Flippa has announced that s9.com, a biographical dictionary that has been online since 1997, set a new sales record by selling for over $400,000 on Flippa.  According to Flippa: 's9.com was one of over 1,600 sites sold on Flippa during October'. If you're interested in learning more about … [Read more...]