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Salesforce to launch yet to be revealed, get things done with anyone has been announcing a number of new products recently, but one product that it hasn't publicly announced as of yet, is a productivity app called "do" which can be found on the website The slogan on the homepage reads: "The app to get things done with anyone" The Coming … [Read more...]

Is Dropbox integrating with Google Docs? registered

It looks like Dropbox the file hosting service that has been valued by some at $5 billion may finally be officially integrating with Google Docs. The company went on a domain buying spree this week, purchasing the domain names,, and through the … [Read more...]

Activision registers in simplified Chinese, China version closer

Earlier in the year Activision announced it would be launching a new online Call of Duty game as a free-to-play game in China. This week Activision registered and using simplified Chinese characters --- 使命召唤.com and 使命召唤.net. While nothing concrete has been … [Read more...] domain no longer hostage to ZiiP community [Updated]

The domain name which grabbed headlines in 2009 seems to have a new home.  The story of started years ago with a threat to hurt a clown if the game development studio behind Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward, didn’t play ball with the ransom demands of the owner … [Read more...]

Google files ‘Spot’ trademark, registers domains for programming [UPDATED]

Updated November 30, 2011 at 5:39am EST:  Google has now apparently acquired the domain name through MarkMonitor.  According to WHOIS records, the name switched hands on November 28.  While MarkMonitor is listed as the registrant, Google regularly uses the brand protection service to … [Read more...]

Groupon India rebranding SoSasta as Crazeal, website revealed early

Groupon registered domain names around the word 'Crazeal' back in July such as and, and now we know why. Groupon is re-branding its Indian subsidiary which it acquired early this year, currently called SoSasta as Crazeal. An early website has gone online at (as … [Read more...] acquires the domain from Marvel for an unknown price

In a strange turn of events, has acquired the domain from comic books giant Marvel. What's so strange about the acquisition?   For starters, in mid-June Marvel filed eight trademark applications centered around "Blip" and "", applications it has yet to abandon. And … [Read more...]

Evidence on next Kindles being named after elements like Earth, Water, Air

In early August I wrote about Amazon acquiring the domain name for possible use with its next generation of Kindle devices.  After a little domain sleuthing, the pieces of the puzzle appear to be falling into place and it looks like Amazon will be using elements like Earth, Water, … [Read more...]

RIM continues domain name buying spree, this time focused on BBM Music

Research In Motion has officially announced its BBM Music Service and according to This is my next, "users can grow their libraries of available music by connecting with other BBM Music users". As with any new product launch at RIM, BBM Music isn't any different.  There were several new domain … [Read more...]