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Kindle Tutor

Amazon is overflowing with all sorts of Kindle products from the all-new Kindle Fire tablet to the Kindle e-reader.

So what’s in store next for the Kindle family? 

Well, according to a recent domain name acquisition by Holdings, it’s possible an online tutoring service or app is on the way.

On December 27, Amazon acquired the domain name, as shown in its WHOIS record.

While this is only speculation, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Amazon launch a “Kindle Tutor” app, particularly for its Kindle Fire.  Earlier this month, Amazon released an OTA update to address performance and touchscreen issues.

At the time of this story going online, does not resolve to a website.

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Several Amazon Web Services Certified Samurai domain names registered

AWS Certified Samurai

According to several recent domain registrations, it looks like Amazon Web Services (AWS) has something in the works.

On December 22, Amazon’s legal department registered new AWS domains with ‘Certified Samurai’ in the name.

The domain registrations include:

Amazon hasn’t made any official announcement about the service or product as of yet.

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Amazon to launch a Santa app in time for the 2011 holiday season [UPDATED]

Amazon Santa Claus app

Updated December 1, 2011 at 5:37am EST:  As expected, Amazon announced the launch of its Santa App for the Kindle Fire and iPad.  The press release was issued yesterday on November 30.  A day before the announcement, Amazon added a bunch of related domains to its portfolio including:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


Amazon is hinting at the launch of a Santa Claus app with several new domain registrations this week that include names like, and

On November 21, Amazon’s legal department registered a bunch of domains through the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor.  The names indicate the Amazon Santa app could be available on a number of different tablet devices, not just the Kindle Fire. 

The new domain registrations include:

At the time of this story going online this morning at 5am EST, Amazon has not made any official announcements on its Press Releases site nor do any of the domain names above resolve to a web page. 

Santa Claus apps and websites have been popular during the holiday season, particularly Santa-tracking apps. 

NORAD’s Santa Tracker is one of the most highly trafficked websites each year.  According to a rough estimate by Compete, (which opens in December) had over 4 million visitors in December 2010.


Amazon to launch a new feed generator for its stores? Domains registered

Amazon HTML Feed generator

Several years ago, developer and Amazon Hacks author Paul Bausch created a tool to build RSS feeds which automatically searched Amazon for products which matched a specific set of keyword search terms.  The web app was even mentioned on the Amazon Web Services blog.

Despite its heavy usage, the app was eventually taken down from the web.

If you visit the app page today, a message on the site reads, “This page used to have a little web app that auto-generated RSS feeds of Amazon products. It’s gone for the foreseeable future, sorry about that.”

Well, it appears Amazon is working on its own feed generator, according to several new domain registrations.

On November 7, Amazon registered the following domain names:,,, and

At the time of this story, Amazon has not made any announcements nor do any of the web addresses resolve to a web page. 

But with the holidays right around the corner, chances are the feed generator will be made available in the very near future for eager shoppers.

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Amazon spin-off still in the works? New trademarks filed for Fire under Seesaw

Seesaw 'Fire' trademark filing

Back in early October, I wrote about Amazon filing several trademark applications for the Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Only, instead of using its own company name, Amazon filed the trademarks using the name Seesaw LLC.

I speculated that perhaps Amazon had plans to spin-off its mobile products into a separate business. 

Though Amazon never officially commented on the article or the stories that followed, reactions from many said Seesaw was nothing more than a ‘trademark holding company’ strategy by Amazon.

While it seems more likely that Seesaw is nothing more than a trademark holding company for Amazon’s Fire and Silk trademarks, Amazon has nonetheless filed three more applications, this time for the word ‘Fire’ with the USPTO – Serial numbers 85462286, 85462262, and 85462244.

The latest filings cover a wide range of goods and services including:  Portable and handheld electronic devices, printed publications, retail store services, on-line retail store services, handheld unit for playing electronic games, social networking services and much more.

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