The Kindle Ice? Amazon acquires domain name and more

  On the same day Amazon announced the Kindle Fire on September 28, Jeffrey Casserino, a resident of Syracuse, New York, got busy registering domain names having to do with the Kindle. Despite Amazon buying up over 500 Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk domains such as and … [Read more...]

Amazon launches ‘Amazon Flow’ – augmented reality app [UPDATED]

[Updated, Nov. 2, 5:55pm EST:  Jon Mitchell over at ReadWriteWeb informed me Amazon issued a press release for its new 'Amazon Flow', shortly after my story went online --- which clears up any rumors about the product.  Flow is not Amazon's answer to the iCloud.  According to the press … [Read more...]

Amazon has plans to launch “Flow”

Domain name registrations are often a good indication of future plans by companies. So based on recent domain names purchased by Amazon I would say that the company has plans to unveil something new called Flow. On October 26, Amazon registered several names through the internet brand … [Read more...]

Amazon to launch Endless shopping app

Amazon appears to be working on a mobile shopping app for, its online shoe and handbag store that it launched in 2007. On October 14, Amazon's Legal Department registered the domains and through the internet brand protection company … [Read more...]

Amazon registers the domain name [UPDATED]

For future projects or just as part of its intellectual property strategy to defend its various brands, Amazon registers new domain names all the time. So, it's anyones guess as to what's behind each purchase. On October 6, Amazon registered the domain name through … [Read more...]

Amazon spins off Kindle Fire products into separate company called Seesaw?

Amazon appears to be spinning off its Kindle Fire business under a separate new company called Seesaw. According to recent trademark filings for the Kindle Fire and Amazon Silk with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the applicant behind each application isn't Amazon, it's Seesaw … [Read more...]

Amazon domain registrations hint at Kindle Fire 3G becoming reality

When it comes to the Kindle Fire offering more than just Wi-Fi, it's really not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Last week, I wrote about Amazon registering over 500 Kindle Fire and Silk related domain names, including This week, Amazon's legal department has … [Read more...]

Amazon goes on a massive buying spree, buys over 500 Kindle Fire & Silk domains

The announcement of the all-new Kindle Fire and Silk browser set to be released on November 15, 2011, has ignited a massive domain name buying spree by Amazon.  On the very same day Amazon unveiled the Kindle Fire, the company registered well over 500 domain names related to the Kindle Fire and … [Read more...]

Why did Amazon register the domain name

The big story for Amazon is that the company is holding a press conference on Wednesday, September 28th in New York City and the rumor is that Amazon will be launching its tablet at the event. Not that this has anything to do with the upcoming press conference, but Amazon has made a strange … [Read more...]

Another product? Amazon registers the domain name

Amazon has all sorts of things going on in its future, from a tablet to a digital book library and much more, so when the company registers a new domain name it's easy to get the rumors flying. Amazon purchased a new domain name this past week that has never been registered before:  … [Read more...]